Sometimes all the diet and exercise in the world doesn't seem to remove fat in certain areas like the chin, hips and lower abdomen. 

This is where fat dissolving injections are ideal. They are not designed as a weight loss aid but to treat these stubborn pockets of fat that do not go despite weight loss. 

At The Confidence Clinic we offer Aqualyx, Deso and Lemon Bottle fat dissolving treatments.

So what are they?

Both Deso and Aqualyx are injectable compounds of the active ingredient deoxycholic acid and are also often also referred to as Motolese's Solution.

They are state of the art injectable solutions designed to target those localised pockets of fat. Once injected the solution disrupts the fat cells and breaks them down, they then get excreted through the lymphatic system. Deoxycholic acid normally emulsifies dietry fats in the intestine and when injected subcutaneously, it disrupts and destroys the fat cells in that tissue 

Areas that can be treated are:

Double chin

Upper abdomen

lower abdomen



Inner thighs

Back or bra roll 


Under buttock roll

Depending on the area that needs treating and the amount of fat involved you may need 1-4 treatments but can have up to 8. 

Once the unwanted fat have been dissolved, the effect is thought to be permanent. However, if you gain weight following the procedure, it’s possible you may see diminished results.

Who are fat dissolving injections suitable for? 

They are ideal for most people aged between 18 and 60 and with good skin elasticity. This is important so the skin does not appear saggy after treatment. It is not suitable for the obese patient or anyone currently on their weight loss journey. 

You should not receive fat dissolving injections if you:

Are Pregnant or breastfeeding

You have conditions that affect fat processing in your body

You have an autoimmune disease 

You have localised skin infections

What will happen at your appointment? 

You will initially have a consultation to discuss your problem areas and I will examine you and assess your suitability. 

I will then take photographs for your records. 

The area to be treated will be cleaned and marked out using a white pencil. 

The treatment is mixed with lidocaine which makes the procedure comfortable.

There will be a series of small injections into the area involved. 

The treatment lasts around 20-30 minutes depending om the area treated.

Prior to leaving a review appointment will be arranged. 

What should you expect after treatment? 

You may have some mild redness, soreness or bruising after the treatment which should only last a few days. 

You should expect some degree of swelling for up to a week post treatment, the swelling is part of the process as the fat cells are expanded before being broken down.  

Aftercare advice: 

Avoid Aspirin or Ibuprofen for pain to reduce the risk of bruising or bleeding. Paracetamol is acceptable. Intermittent cooling with ice can be used by applying for 5 minutes post-procedure. A simple fan can also be helpful for discomfort.

A compression garment may be worn for 2-5 days following treatment, this will aid lymphatic drainage and improve results.

Nodules are not uncommon. They can last up to a month and usually disappear without any intervention. However, I would need to assess anything unusual.