B12 is a natural, complex vitamin essential for the formation of healthy red blood cells, tissue repair and synthesis. 

B12 injections are a convenient way to keep your body running in top condition and to give you a boost of energy! 

B12 helps the body make DNA, nerve and blood cells and is crucial for a healthy brain and immune system. It is different from other vitamins as it is only found in animal products (eggs, fish and meat).

Many people do not get enough B12 in their diet. People more likely are vegetarians, people with coeliac disease, other digestive problems or poor diet and adults over the age of 50. 

Signs of B12 deficiency can include exhaustion, brain fog, lethargy, pale skin, bowel problems (constipation or diarrhoea) and rapid heart beat. 


Benefits of B12 injections are:

Improve sleep 

Increase energy

reduce stress 

increase metabolism 

Improve mood 

Promote weight loss 

Healthy hair, skin and nails 

Fight heart disease 

Improve menopausal symptoms



One injection £30 

Course of 5 injections £120 

The frequency of injections is up to you but will be discussed at your consultation. You can have them weekly, fortnightly, monthly or spread over longer. It is recommended that if you book a course you have one a week for at least 3-4 weeks initially.